Angelina Jolie / Original Sin

This scene shows you why Angleina was recently voted the number one person that both men and women in America would like to sleep with. The scene includes a good two minute view of Angelina’s breasts. the scene is very realistic as she jiggles around under Antonio Banderas. Her best exposure by far.

This review is for the unrated DVD. Angelina’s breasts are everywhere in this film. The longest exposure comes early, from 0:17:17-0:19:28, where Angelina & Antonio consummate their marriage. Antonio is kissing her tits, you get a look from above, he rams her from behind, then on top. Lots of thrusting, and Angelina’s boobs shaking (our local reviewer called them pneumatic breasts, which is just about right), then they lie together, with Antonio on top. Later, 0:33:44-0:33:52, she’s in the bathtub, we see her tits above the water line while they sit and talk. Then again, from 1:02:08-1:02:40, she’s talking to him in bed, and we see her right nipple over the sheet.



Ashley Judd / Normal Life

Ashley is in perfect form here. This is before she got so skinny, and the bodyfat’s just right. She screams and moans and definitely gets into it. Her nipples are nice and pink. You even get a flash of bush, underneath the panties, but it’s quick. Some of the other scenes are nice, too.

Ashley plays a crazy woman who gets crazy nude. There are four scenes of nudity. Two are her and Luke in bed, one isn’t very erotic because she’s cutting herself with a knife, and the best scene is after the big bank robbery when she and Luke come home and get nuts in the bedroom. This was the first time Luke was actually able to get her off. Hope to see Ashley get crazy some more.

Ashley is really hot in this movie. In the sex scene her boyfriend helps her out of her clothes and then goes about screwing her. It’s really nice because you get to see Ashley’s tight body and supple breasts as she screams, pants, and groans with each thrust. You get to see her breasts again when she’s packing a suitcase, but the sex scene is definitely the best in the movie.